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How NPOs Can Increase Online Engagement During the COVID-19 Pandemic

17-Mar-2020 12:29:46 PM / by John Paul de Silva


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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is, by far, the most globally impactful phenomenon since the recession just over a decade ago. This post will help you and your NPO weather the storm and use this as an opportunity to engage followers online. Here's how:

1. Engage Clients by Being of Service Online

With the virus that causes COVID-19 taking thousands of lives around the world, at particular risk are those with pre-existing medical conditions. Although social distancing, frequent hand washing, and other best practices are being encouraged to stop the virulent spread, these are not yet law everywhere. Therefore, those who are most susceptible to the disease have gone online and en masse to raise awareness using the hashtag #HighRiskCovid19

Your NPO, especially those that are health care related, can add to the conversation by engaging these posters. For example, if someone posts using the hashtag in relation to their asthma, then an asthma NPO can send that person online resources to help address their concerns. If the poster isn't in your geographic catchment, collaborate with the organization that is. Excellent service should be your primary goal as that person may speak highly of your efforts online and to friends who are in your service area. That's how you build lifelong supporters.

In addition to engaging potentially new clients, use this time to reach out to existing clients and find out how they're doing amidst the pandemic. Lastly, with social distancing becoming more standard across the world, you may need to use online methods to deliver services as much as possible.

2. Engage Donors and Volunteers by Highlighting Your Need During the Pandemic

Besides hospitals and other healthcare NPOs, social services are feeling extra strain on services in these challenging times. This will only continue to grow as those who rely on face-to-face interactions with people as part of their work (e.g. sports and entertainment staff, hotels, restaurants, and more) are temporarily laid off, creating a new wave of those who will access social services.

Use this time to build a case for support. For example, Kids Help Phone, which provides professional counselling over phone and text is experiencing higher call volumes as kids share thoughts and feelings related to the pandemic among other issues. They're looking for more volunteers to help support this surge in access to services. This should also be used as a talking point through social and other collateral to highlight the need for more donations.

Do you have any additional tips on how your NPO can handle the COVID-19 pandemic? Or do you have questions not yet addressed online? Reach out to us and we'll do our best to get you the answers.

This ongoing pandemic is placing a strain on everyone personally and professionally, but we can use the power of social to keep in touch and help one another. Stay safe and take care.

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John Paul de Silva

Written by John Paul de Silva

Hopeful Inc.'s Director of Marketing